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The fastest, most accurate NFT profit calculator. Save time and boost your bottom line with the simple calculator used by the pros.

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What is an NFT profit calculator and why use it?

To successfully trade NFTs with ETH and Solana you need to know when to sell, and at what price. This might sound easy and obvious but one of the main reasons some NFT traders make consistently high profits is because they’re doing the correct calculations, every time. When there’s an NFT mint and lots of people start flipping NFTs at the same time, NFT traders are often having to make split second decisions about whether to flip. Under that sort of pressure it is easy to make mistakes like miscalculating gas fees, putting a decimal point in the wrong place, or you might even forget what you initially paid for it on OpenSea which amounts to time wasted and opportunities lost.

This is why successful NFT traders depend on the NIFTY Profits App when deciding what’s a good buy, time to sell and what isn’t. It’s a simple way to quickly mitigate risk, and accurately decide which NFTs are worthy of your hard earned crypto.